Thursday, December 6, 2007

Freebie Recipe Card

Uncle Ted came over last week to go deer hunting and stayed over for a few days. One of the many foodstuffs he brought was a bag of buckwheat pancake mix, which we thoroughly enjoyed :) When putting it away I discovered that I had a big bag up in the cupboard that had been opened a few months back.

I was asked to make some cookies for a work-bee this weekend, so decided to try making some cake-style doughnuts, with the buckwheat pancake mix instead of white flour. It made up beautifully except that it took an extra cup or two of the mix. BUT...when I deep fried them, they came out terrible looking! Almost black, dark brown. They tasted good, but, well, you can imagine what they looked like. I couldn't waste all that batter!! On the bag of pancake mix was a recipe for cookies, so I knew it could be done. Well, I added some brown sugar and vanilla to the doughnut batter, and made up cookies. They're fantastic!! And actually quite filling. Lowfat (only two spoons of oil in the whole mix). So I thought I'd share the recipe:)


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  2. OMG how'd you know that Buckwheat pancakes are my FAVORITE!? I didn't think other people even knew what they were! LOL. Those cookies sound YUM! BTW-try some Buckwheat Pancakes with mashed banana in the batter-SO good!

  3. What lovely gifts you have on your site!
    Thanks for the recipe, sounds yummy:)

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