Saturday, February 9, 2008

Free Valentine's Day Candybar Wrappers

Posted these before....but it's closer to Valentine's Day now.

A freebie that matches my new Valentines Papers & Purses in my stores right now.

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Here's the link for the freebie.

There are 3 sizes of wrappers. For a large Hershey bar, for mini Hershey bars, and for the miniture candy bars.

Each has one plain, one that says "Sweets For The Sweet", one that says "For My Valentine" and one that says "Eternally Yours". There's also one large wrapper that has "To: and From: " on it.


  1. Oh how yummy. I've never thought of this idea before. How creative!

  2. How sweet is that...literally! Great job on the wrappers and I like your work on the blog!

  3. Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

  4. These are too cute! Not sure if I posted before, but thanks! I got them when you posted the first time.

  5. this is so cute, and I love your purses. they are so pretty.

    I must soon in your shop and see :)

    have a nice sunday

  6. great wrappers...TFS
    Have a great sunday!

  7. ahh Robin, u're so sweet!
    Thanks for your comments on the Daddy's thing ... it's my regret for life ... I was not be able to show him that he was success in raising me as a woman ...

    again, thanks!

  8. Oh how cool! Great freebie - thank you.

  9. Thank you so much for this beautiful freebies.

  10. This is so sweet of you.

    I finally figured out why it kept saying not available. This is last years post! =0))

    Wonderful that you are wiling to share,


    barbara jean

  11. What a great idea having this kind of candywrapper.

    This is very useful in a Valentine Party, giving gifts and thoughts..

  12. Hello Robin! This candybar wrapper is perfect because Valentine's day is approaching. I'm looking to have or buy this wrapper.

    I will go to your store and have one.

    Thanks to this idea and hopefully I'll have one soon!


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