Monday, April 28, 2008

Ribbons for Special Occasions

Here they are - wrap everything up with these. A great touch or finish to any gift you're giving!

Just like those costly ribbons on the expensive department store gifts - all ready for you to use.

Png files 17 inches wide...ready to layer on your favorite gift bags, gift boxes or scrapbooking layouts.Congratulations, For Your Wedding, For Your Wedding Shower, Happy Mother's Day, For Your New Home, Happy Birthday, A Gift For You, For Your Confirmation, You're In My Thoughts, Baby Shower, You're In My Prayers, I Said A Prayer For You Today, I Love You, First Holy Communion.

Customize your gift and make it one you can feel good about!


  1. The ribbons are to cute, wonderful job :)

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  3. Those are so stinkin cute!!!!!


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