Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Items In My Stores

I added some printables to my stores - all made with my "Teal Blues" scrap set. Very inexpensive - about $2.00 each.
Light and summery little gift bag! Cut the butterfly and dragonfly out separately and coat with diamond dust. Add to the front of the bag - a gift you'll feel good about!!
Largest gift bag of this type that will fit on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Looks gorgeous on any type of paper, from photo quality to copy paper! So inexpensive!

Beautiful pillow box purse made with my “Teal Blues” scrap set. Just download, print and cut. You only need one piece of double-stick tape to hold it closed. Holds a small gift. (two styles included)
Tip: print a coordinating sheet of tissue paper to wrap around the gift – a professional touch! (How to print on tissue paper? Carefully tape a piece of tissue wrapping paper to the edge of a piece of cardstock. Use the “transparency” setting on your printer.)
Beautiful textured teal and blue colors decorate the paper used to make this gorgeous little gift box. (Papers used are shown in the background of the preview - part of my "Teal Blues" scrap set.)
Prints on 8 1/2" x 11" paper (matte brochure or photo paperbest). Both top and bottom of the box are lined inside.
Butterfly and dragonfly are both included as separatepieces to cut out - use to decorate the box or yourgift table! Shown in preview coated with "Triple Thick" glossand then dipped in "Diamond Dust". A simple touch...Just gorgeous!!
A gift you can feel good about! Yours will be the prettiest on the table!


  1. This is looks really gorgeous!! Very beautiful stuff!!

  2. Oh I love these. Great gift bags.


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