Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It’s RedNesday at “It’s A Very Cherry World”.

I call this little mouse “Matilda” because I think she looks like she’s ready to waltz. My dear Grandmother made her several years ago. Grandma discovered that when you open up an old feather pillow, the feathers line the inside of the ticking and make wonderful mice. She made several, but I think little Matilda is made from wool.

Matilda is complete with toes, a tail, whiskers, eyes and a seed-bead nose, plus a little hat and shawl.

Normally modest, I didn't think she'd mind if I showed you her little toes.

She’s a treasure to me, as are the pincushions shown in the background. My Grandmother made several of these as well, with the thimble holder attached. She decorated them with tiny pieces of lace and tatting.


  1. Matilda is just darling! And I love the tomato pincushions. Such treasures your Grandmother left you!

  2. Robin, Matilda is so pretty!! Your grandmother was so talented !!! And I love the pincushions!! Tatting, takes a very long time to make even a small piece. What a blessing she left you!~~~Hugs, Deb

  3. She is so cute, and what a great way to 'present' her.

    Thanks for coming by my place, and leaving a comment.

    Barbara jean

  4. loverly post. I need to find my mom a cool pin cushion because I broke the plastic thing she had for them. :0)

  5. I love mices,
    They're very nices,
    Despite their vices

    Those pincushions are very lovely, too, with their elegant "fancy work" atop them.

  6. Yes, Robin..he's feelin' good right now. The right drugs have him napping hard on the couch. Negative Strepp Throat is what I was glad to hear. But what a way to start the school year off. No flu allowed!! xox!

  7. Hi Robin, you are on the list. If I have anything wrong....just give me a holler. So glad you joined.

    Barb :-)

  8. The little mouse is cute, very cute! And, your grandmother's red embellished pincushions are DEAR! I have a plain red pincushion or two and now I am inspired to make them "pretty." Thanks for your visit to my blog today...always appreciate your comments...pat

  9. fascinating.. i really love it.. it is so pretty... can you teach me how to do that? :)


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