Wednesday, October 21, 2009

REDNesday At It's A Very Cherry World

My brother gave me this darling angel for my birthday this year. She's a "Knucklehead Angel".

There's a verse that is on her package:
I'm a Knucklehead Angel and I'm quite unique, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.
Someone has said a prayer for you, and I am here to see it through.My job is quite simple and really no feat.
It's to watch over you because you're so sweet!
My stitches are crooked. My hair is a mess. I'm really a sight, I must confess.
I look less than perfect, but my heart's full of love, and a prayer comes to you with God's love from Above.
It's signed Irene M. Wegener © 1995 at the bottom of the card.
She's in a spot guaranteed to be seen, hanging on the cupboard by the kitchen sink. My dear brother said she's to remind us of him, since he's such a knucklehead. We love her!!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Hi Robin,
    You have such a pretty blog! I like your little angel all the more since she has meaning :)
    Hugs, Leslie

  2. How adoreable your little angel is, and the little poem is cute.
    Now I want to go check out the rest of your blog.

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your brother! She's so cute! You and your brother must have a great relationship, and it's always good when a man can call himself a knucklehead!
    Happy Rednesday!

  4. What a loving (in a humorous way) gift from your brother! She's adorable!

  5. What a darling little angel! Just precious with her little poem attached. Happy REDnesday.


  6. How adorable is that Knucklehead special..thanks for sharing this story with us!!
    Have a fabulous day!! xOxO Nerina

  7. That is just the sweetest angel and poem! What a wonderful brother you have!


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