Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Retro Tuesday, Rednesday and Vintage Thursdays

I can cover a lot in this post ;) I found this lovely Vintage Pin in some of my Grandmother's things. The pin itself gives it away as vintage. I'd love to know if she wore it on a hat or her collar....or maybe she picked it up at a rummage sale? What ever way it was used in the past, I like to look at it!
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Hope everyone has a great Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Plus I just found a great giveaway that is still open to enter here.


  1. That's a cute pin, Robin. I bet she wore it boths ways! Ah, those wonderful words, "Rummage Sale"! I have fond memories of going to Rummage Sales with my mom in the early 60's, at our church. Of course, back then it was just clothing. Don't know why I have good memories about that! Kids don't like clothes!

  2. Beautiful pin! You have many wonderful things here! So much to see. Happy Rednesday and have a wonderful week : ) Sherri

  3. Hi Robin! That's a sweet little pin, and a wonderful keepsake of your grandmother's. Perfect to wear any time of the year, or just to display!
    Happy Rednesday!

  4. The pin is nice vintage - it would look great on a hat.

  5. THat is a beautiful pin, and it reminds me of fall....That would look great on a coat lapel. Have a great VTT!

  6. What a fun pin and a great treasure fromyour grandma!


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