Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine Items in my stores

 I have some Valentine theme items in my stores - using Vintage graphics from The Marie card is pretty printed just as she is, but there are extra sheets included so that you can layer the card. There are extra layers for the inside as well as the outside. Choose your own combinations.

Shown here I added a little blue feather between layers, and made extra layers of the green/rose background, then the Marie image w/heart. I added layers with her skirt, hat and arm, as well as a butterfly. I used ModPodge to gloss, then sprinkled on a fine layer of gold glitter from Martha Stewart. For the inside of the card, you can leave it plain or layer on your choice of two Marie images in cages, some quotes that Marie Antionnette said, and of course more butterflies. 

For the cute little candy box, simply print and cut, add a little tape or glue and insert a piece of transparency film or other clear material, and put some candy inside. It's adorable, and has a little card w/envelope to match!

The other items all coordinate. There's a card w/envelope and two gift boxes that are like little purses. You'll also find a pretty little jewelry box. Simply pierce a hole for earrings, pendant or ring. There's enough room for a whole jewelry set.


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