Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cardnials that I painted

I saw this on our wall the other day and decided to use it for a Rednesday. When I was probably 17 or so we had a Christmas Card that I liked, and I sat down and sketched and enlarged it onto watercolor paper and painted it. This is a lousy scan, but this is it. I think it's pretty good for a kid. I had given it to my Grandparents, and it hung on their wall for a long time, then I think my parents, then I got it back.

I haven't done much painting in recent years, and when I did, I gave the item away for a gift. When I fell this last March and bent my fingers backwards, I didn't know if I'd be able to paint again. I haven't tried, but I think I may be able to do ok, thanks to my hand therapists....something to add to my list of "to do"s!

Since this was done when I was a kid, it probably qualifies for vintage...or at least retro! ;) Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday is Rednesday at SueLovesCherries and then it's Vintage Things Thursday at Colorado lady. 


  1. Hi Robin,
    Your cardinals are wonderful! It will be lovely when you can paint again. Many of my family members are artists. My son stopped when he was a teenager and I hope he will pick it up again someday. I haven't done anything since the kids were small, just some tole painting and ceramics. Hope you can get back to it. It's a very rewarding and theraputic pasttime. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful REDnesday and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  2. Oh my goodness Robin, you've been hiding a wonderful talent from us!! You should really take up painting again, because those birds are absolutely beautiful! I'm so sorry that you fell and hurt your hands. I hope you will give it a try, because it would be a shame to waste such talent. Maybe you could do a giveaway of a piece of your art. I know that I would enter to win one, again and again and again!
    Hugs and Happy REDnesday!

  3. I love cardinals, and you did an excellent job of painting them at 17! Your skater girl is adorable, and I also love the robin cards in the post below. I do think the English robins are so much cuter than American ones!

  4. It's a lovely painting Robin, I hope you can paint again!

  5. If this is what comes from someone who hasn't painted in a while, I would say paint paint paint dear Robin. Absolutely beautiful.
    So perfect for Rednesday.
    Love Claudie

  6. Lovely painting Robin...makes for a perfect REDnesday!
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  7. It's lovely! And you should be painting again!

  8. WOW!! That is awesome painting I love it, you are an artist! I can't even draw a straight line ^_^.

    My Rednesday

  9. Beautiful Painting!You are very talented.
    Merry christmas !

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  11. Stunning and beautiful.I am in Mass having a blog giveaway!


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