Saturday, June 25, 2011

The French Azilum Museum and Marie Antoinette

My Husband, Brother, Niece, Mom and I like to take day trips. My Husband has been doing a great deal of ancestor research, and recently, we went to the Quicks Bend area in Pennsylvania to locate gravesites of some of his relatives' burial sites. On our way there, we passed by a Historical Landmark where I had spent some time when I was a teenager. It's the French Azilum Museum.

According to the Historic Pennsylvania Leaflet No. 11, "...for a little group of exiles who stepped the fall of 1793, it was a haven far removed from the dangers of revolution, imprisonment, slave insurrections, and yellow fever. To them it was Azilum - a place of refuge"...Some of "the exiles, their families, and according to a story so far unverified, even the Queen of France herself, the ill-fated Marie Antoinette, and her two children would here at last find peace and security... The rise of radicals to power compelled (DeNoailles, brother-in-law of Lafayette) to abandon France, leaving all his family, including his mother, who had been chief maid of honor to Marie Antoinette." DeNoailles and others planned the colony at Standing Stone in PA. It's very interesting touring the building and grounds at the French Azilum museum. It's fun to imagine what it would have been like if Marie had made it there! It's facinating to have a piece of that history so close to where I live and grew up.

With that background, I have a new Marie Tea Party set coming up in the next few days in my store at digiprintables. It would be fabulous for a birthday party, shower or, of course, a tea party. You can see a preview of the vintage image I used ( shown here textured and cropped) that I got from Twistedpapers on my blog background. It features Marie kicking back with a cup of tea :)

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