Monday, June 27, 2011

Made it myself Monday...

I have a couple of old t-shirts, sweatshirts and a nightgown that I just hate to part with, but they're not in ideal shape for wearing. So I cut off the arms & neck, and sewed them up as covers for pillows that I already had.

Just cut off the excess, turn inside out and sew up along three sides. On the last side, make a casing and put a piece of ribbon through. Makes it easy to take off and wash, and looks kind of neat too. We're remodeling our sunroom, but I think it's still cozy. I love to sit there first thing in the morning and watch (and listen) to the birds with my kitty cat Jasmine. (I gave her a piece of catnip :)


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  1. What a fantastic recycling project! I have a whole storage container full of t-shirts I can't part with! I'm going to try this!


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